DataparkSearch versions

Previous years: 2003-2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.
Latest snapshot
Added support for JSON string encoding for search template meta-variables.
It can now specify regex pattern for HTDBDoc and HTDBText commands to parse URL into htdb:/ parameters.
Added performance assessment for some libc functions at configuration.
"CrossWordsSkipSameSite yes/no" command has been added.
Added support for ISO 8601 date and time format.
Added support for Sitemap: command in robots.txt file.
Support for libextractor 0.6.x has been added.
-G switch for indexer takes now an integral value for all indexing threads.
Clones detection in search is now disabled by default.
StopwordsLoose command has been added.
hash32() function has been fixed for 64-bit systems. Total reindexing is required if affected.
XML Entity Definitions for Characters have been updated to the W3C Recommendation 01 April 2010.
Options add, update or delete has been added the the ActionSQL command.
Initialization of wf has been changed so the weight for highest section number specified is propagated for the rest sections.
The single option for Section command has been added.
Another URL randomazing for indexing algorithm has been implemented. Use -rr switch to indexer to activate.
Unicode data has been updated to 5.2.0 version.
aspell checking has been improved, configure doesn't stop anymore if there is no aspell installed and aspell support hasn't been enabled explicitly.
24 Jan 2010: 4.53, 2,124,819 bytes
ReverseAliasProg command has been added.
A faster hash function implemented. You need to configure with --enable-hashcompatible switch when upgrade without reindexing.
Template meta-variables are now rounded on a space or a puntuation mark.
ExcerptMark command has been added. Use it to alter the delimiter of excerpt chunks.
Match: command has been added for stopwords files.
Improved support for Internationalized Domain Names (IDN).
$(grand_total) template meta-variable has been added. Use it to show the number of URL found before grouping by site.
-Esitemap command has been added for indexer. Use it to make a sitemap listing. All filtering options apply.
Multithreaded results sorting has been implemented (up to 32 threads in parallel).
SectionSQL command has been added.
Language and charset guesser has been modified for speed. It need to recreate language maps, if you've created yours own.
<!IFREGEX conditional operator has been added for search template.
Support for libextractor has been added.
Acronym files have been extended by regex based transformations.
cachedchk2 table has been added to SQL database. Please execute "indexer -Ecreate" command on upgrade.
A function of canonical lanuage name has been fixed. The languages with names below "ru" in lexical order were affected.
The maximim length of log records has been enlarged to 480 bytes, the MUST size for a syslog message.
MaxHrefsPerServer command has been added. Uset it to limit the maximum number of hrefs accepted per server during one indexer run.
Limit command has been extended to accept SQL-based limits.
25 Apr 2009: 4.52, 2,175,210 bytes
Busy timemout has been increased for SQLite.
Fixes for sub-document recoding and content-length calculation for a document with sub-documents.
A fix for incomplete passing text items from a subdocument to parent document.
The command parser has been fixed for case when a section in allin<section>: operator contains character '_' or '-'.
SkipHrefIn command has been added. Use it to skip some HTML tags from new href lookup.
SEASections command has been added. Use it to specify the list of sections which are used to construct SEA summary.
A possible trap on an empty document has been fixed.
A Disallow command in robots.txt doesn't lead to document removal from database anymore.
An error has been fixed in uncompression of big files.
Quffix command has been added.
Searchd cleans-up now the search cache on config loading/reloading.
A bug in stored check-up has been fixed.
Time zone processing has been added for Last-Modified header and meta.
MakePrefixes command has been added. Use it to produce all prefixes for words in a document. This is suitable for making suggestions.
31 Dec 2008: 4.51, 2,159,220 bytes
Exact as in query string matching has been added for relevance calculation.
CAS based synchronization has been implemented for i386/x86_64 platform.
The ActionSQL command has been added. Use it to execute SQL-queries with document related data while indexing.
The support for KOI8-C (an extension of KOI8-R with old-Russian letters) charset has been added.
FastHrefCheck command has been added. Use it to skip href checking against server list during parsing.
SubDocCnt command has been added. Use it to specity the maximal number of sub-documents indexed per one document.
SubDocLevel command has been added. Use it to specify maximal nesting level for sub-documents.
HrefSection proccessing has been fixed in XML parser.
$( meta-variable has been added.
storedoc.cgi accepts now the name of template in &tmplt= CGI-parameter.
Accept: HTTP header has been fixed for case when pattern is used for Content-Type in MIME command.
A bug in result merging has been fixed for multi-dbaddr mode.
allin<section>: operator has been added to the search query language.
storedoc.cgi takes now document from remote host if it unable to fetch it from stored database.
26 Jul 2008: 4.50, 2,112,005 bytes
Default value for PopRankSkipSameSite command has been changed to "yes".
Possible memory leak has been fixed for a sub-document indexed from stored database.
The strict option has been added for Section command.
A word break has been added for French-style contractions.
Big lists of Russian and English synonyms have been added.
MaxSiteLevel command accept now a negative argument to group URLs on subdirectory basis.
The SkipUnreferred command has been extended to delete unreferred documents if necessary.
Del log processing has been fixed in splitter for case when cache log is empty.
Some German letters automatically replace by bi-letter combinations in accent-free search mode. ß -> ss, ä -> ae, ö -> oe, ü -> ue.
SQLite3 support has been added. Use --with-sqlite3 option for configure to enable it.
Indexing has been fixed for documents with several versions in different languages. You need to execute "indexer -Erehashstored" command when upgrade.
HTML parser understands now <!-- google_ad_section_start -->, <!-- google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) --> and <!-- google_ad_section_end --> comments as tags to include/exclude content for indexing.
Relevance calculation has been improved for case when acronyms and abbreviations are used.
12 Feb 2008: 4.49, 2,493,885 bytes
String tokenization has been improved. For example, "c--" and "c#" are now cosidered as words.
A subdocument indexing technique has been implemented.
LongestTextItems command has been added. Use it to specify the number of longest text items to index.
The support has been added for georgian-academy and georgian-ps charsets.
URL data preloading has been fixed for multi-DBAddr configurations.
HTML parser is now skiping indexing within tags with visibility set to none or hidden in style attribute.
Subnet command has been fixed.
$*(x) type of template meta-variable has been added. Use it to HTML-escape value without search words highlighting.
$(np) and $(p) have been fixed in "resbot" and "bottom" sections of search template.
PagesInGroup command has been added. Use it to specify the number of additional pages from the same site when google-like groupping is enabled.
ServerWeight command has been fixed.

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